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FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XLVIII - Jeans/Denim fun fact.

by Robin Chan | June 17, 2016

Today we want to go over the origin of the jeans if you wonder why are jeans called jeans?

The history of jeans is mingled with with French history. Jeans were invented in the 19th century in the French town of Nimes. In French, the word “serge” is used to describe the fabric that jeans are composed from. Thus, jeans’ fabric was originally called “serge de Nimes,” or, as it’s been shortened to, "denim."

That explained "denim", but what about "jeans"?

Denim became incredibly popular in Europe, especially with sailors from Genoa, Italy. Whenever they were in France, they would buy their denim in bulk. The pants were so popular with the sailors, that the material quickly took on a nickname that paid tribute to the Genoa sailors: jeans.

However, as far as modern-day people are concerned, the history of blue jeans really began when a Bavarian immigrant named Levi Strauss made the first blue jean in 1873.

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by Jeffrey Lee | June 10, 2016

For those may have noticed, we have been posting a series titled 'Indigo Sea'. Most denimheads are fanatic about how their denim being worn out and would go extra miles to develop those meticulously personalized honeycombs/ whiskers (hige)/ pocket fades, so forth.
And we are no exceptions.
Sometimes we pick up a pair; marking the calendar and closely examine the worn progress, almost in a microscopic sense. This whisker starts to look more substantial/ when did I spill something on the thigh/ this phone fade need more consistent placement work...these findings often put a smile on our faces.
Much like looking at the night sea, we find ephemeral tranquility thru these intimate gaze.
Now, that's an obsession. =)
We will continue to post these fades photos to document our fading process from different pairs, so stay tuned.
Cheers and its Friday!! Till next week.
p.s as for why our fades photos don't have ppl in it; well, that would be rather passé and banal, no? ;)

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by Jeffrey Lee | May 06, 2016

A 6-hour guide for SOMA, SF

We past by SOMA on a very regular basis since it situated as a main corridor from anywhere SF to the Bay Bridge entrances. With the latest renovated SFMOMA and a few other high profile artsy destinations implanted, South of Market is destined to be more gentrified than ever (or 'revitalized', to put this in a more neutral context ;)

Start off w/ a great cup of single origin joe @Sightglass or w/ the crazy good quiche @Vive la tarte. Both spots are very photogenic to brighten up the day. Head over to the Morphosis-designed Federal Building on Mission x 7th street. It has a great outdoor space and the architecture is still amazing. Remember to go inside and elevate to the sky garden on 12th floor: its a top hidden gem for a great city view. 

To get some culture, Crown Point Press is an intimate size gallery/ bkstore that you shouldn't miss. Alternatively, if you are 420 friendly, you should also lounge @SPARC. A peculiarly unique experience. At this point, baked or not, you would be craving for some food. Popsons burgers opposite to Caltrain station is our current favorite.


Shopping, or to be precise, forcing yourself into a new pair of tight raw denim is normally the rightful thing to do after a burger feast. Check out 440 Brannan Studio, its one of our stockist and has an extensive collection of other local crafts as well. For further read on 440 Brannan, chk our prev. posts here & here.      

After that, it'd be time to call for beers and celebrate that new pair of Doublewood jeans. Its going to be a very tough choice since there are many tasty local breweries in this neighborhood. For the standard, there are 21st Amendment & Thirsty Bear. For the local craft beer, there are Black Hammer & Cellarmaker. For the diversity, there is the perennial City Beer Store. Our candid advise is to visit them all =) 

Be a Flâneur and have fun exploring. btw its Friday at last! Cheers everyone and till next week. 

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FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XLI - Women Bleached Boyfriend Jeans

by Jade Lam | April 29, 2016

FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XLI - Women Bleached Boyfriend Jeans

This week we want to give you a sneak peek of our very first bleached jeans for our women boyfriend jeans. It has the same subtle details & same fabrics as the raw (13.75oz) boyfriend jeans but it has a drastic different look and it feels softer and lighter after the bleaching process. It’s perfect for the upcoming summer. You could roll it up and pair it with flat, sandals, high heels, short boot, or sneakers.

We have been experimenting many times in order to get the right look and right color. This is all done in our family-owned denim washing factory in ZhongShan.
Every small step in denim washing makes a big difference because indigo dye has very poor wet & dry rubbing fastness. All parameters are critical to maintain for repetitive results.
Some important steps in the process of Denim Washing:
1. Pre treatment ( Desizing, Rinsing, Scouring etc)
2. Enzyme or Stone wash
3. Clean up to adjust the desire effect
4. Bleaching
5. Tinting / Dyeing
6. Softening & Much more…
Currently it’s available at Dutil and glasswing stores and it will be available in our webshop very soon. Stay tuned!!!


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