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by Jeffrey Lee | June 10, 2016

For those may have noticed, we have been posting a series titled 'Indigo Sea'. Most denimheads are fanatic about how their denim being worn out and would go extra miles to develop those meticulously personalized honeycombs/ whiskers (hige)/ pocket fades, so forth.
And we are no exceptions.
Sometimes we pick up a pair; marking the calendar and closely examine the worn progress, almost in a microscopic sense. This whisker starts to look more substantial/ when did I spill something on the thigh/ this phone fade need more consistent placement work...these findings often put a smile on our faces.
Much like looking at the night sea, we find ephemeral tranquility thru these intimate gaze.
Now, that's an obsession. =)
We will continue to post these fades photos to document our fading process from different pairs, so stay tuned.
Cheers and its Friday!! Till next week.
p.s as for why our fades photos don't have ppl in it; well, that would be rather passé and banal, no? ;)

Tags: denim fades, Lassitude, raw, selvedge