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FRIDAY.LASSITUDE.XXVI - Ringing in the 3rd year of Doublewood Denim

by Jeffrey Lee | January 08, 2016

Time flies, 2015 was a blink lapse on adrenaline. It was a rather productive 2nd year for Doublewood: 
Thru-out last Spring & Winter, we had released (2) petite batches; collaborated with IDC (dutil, Canada) & with SF based artist Jon Gourley. A second women cut was introduced in Summer; BF jeans in raw selvedge denim with the heritage continuous fly detail. We released our first-ever video intro for the women skinny jeans with filmmaker, Nathaniel K. We traveled to Zhongshan to visit the denim workshop and explore more on the craft and possibilities. 
2015 was fruitful and we simply can't thank you enough for the folks who share kindred passions in denim and help us jump thru the hurdles along!
Looking forward, we have a few intriguing propositions planned for '16. Beyond our stable denim collection, we are on the verge of carving into the peripheral categories. Something that would go well along w/ our denim. (As usual, we will be tight-lipped before their official releases; but think for the kitchen/workshop wears & that quintessential chambray =)
Its going to be an enticing year for us to step outside of that comfort indigo zone, and persist in honing our craft to expand the collection. 
Stay tuned & till next week. Cheers everyone!


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FRIDAY.LASSITUDE.XXII - Artist Collaboration (debut batch)

by Jeffrey Lee | December 11, 2015

We first met SF local artist, Jon Gourley in the Spring of '14. It was back at his residency days w/ Root Division in Mission, SF. Stunned by the minimal and satirical approach of his prints, we knew certainly an Artist Collab. batch are meant to happen. 20 months later (yes, we are dumbfounded at our procrastination capacity, too), today we are finally ready to release this batch.

Attentively curated artworks on the denim and on the 10oz. canvas bag; the artworks intend to transcend a seemingly explicit w/ a subtle/sarcastic/wit undertone as its hidden layer.
Leftist/ rightist/ democrats blue (or butyl blue) & social norm are among the central concepts for our collab. The 13.75oz denim is constructed w/ left hand twill fabrics (which as one may guess, is also an implicit decision).

Adorned w/ gun metal rivets, this hand numbered petite batch (30 pairs made) is also our first men jeans to adopt the heritage continuous fly detail.

Swing by 440 Brannan Studio Showroom at 5-7pm today, 12/11. Grab a beer w/ us to chat more on denim, art & beyond.

Till next week. Cheers everyone.

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