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by Robin Chan | March 25, 2016

Instead of Left-Hand Traff (LHT) and Right-Hand Traffic (RHT), in denim world, LHT actually means Left Hand Twill and RHT means Right Hand Twill. What's the difference?

Right hand twill (RHT), also known as “Z­-twill”, is the most common and can be easily known by the diagonal pattern that moves from the bottom left of the fabric towards the top right. This style was made well­known byLevi's and has become the industry standard. It is known to have a flatter and smoother surface compared to other twill fabrics and creates more defined fades.

Left hand twill (LHT), “S-twill”, is woven in the exact opposite direction as RHT, starting from the bottom right and moving up to the top left of the fabric. It was originally used by Lee denim. If a left hand twill denim is worn heavily over a period of time, the end results typically carry fuzzy, vertical fading. More importantly, it tends to wear down softer than right hand twill and thus a softer hand feel after washing.

So now you know why we chose LHT fabrics as our COMFORT style? Till next week...

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