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by Jeffrey Lee | August 19, 2016

Grey is versatile.

It matches with anything quite effortlessly: whether to complete a pure noir look or as a neutral backdrop to accent that punchy color.

While Indigo will always held a special place in our palette, Grey is easily our 2nd go-to color. The real question is in which hue. 

Dark smoke charcoal/ Leaden raven/ almost-Ash, are among our favorite Greys.

That's why at once, we have developed 3 distinct shades of Grey for our girl Skinny jeans. From Raw to Bleached, these are constructed from the same 13.50oz Japanese redline selvedge w/ a hint of stretch. Double-felled seam w/ a vibrant carrot thread color. 

Summer is here, whether you are chilling at the beach or foraging in the woods, these grey jeans will be a perfect fit.

The Raw, Rinsed & Bleached Grey Skinnies are now available in our webshop.

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by Jeffrey Lee | July 15, 2016

Our jeans were made in small batches for limited production. Each pair is hand stamped and numbered on the front pocket. But only few may know there are other visual cues to indicate which batch it belongs. That batch-specific inseam and belt loop color is one of the feature. 

We used both single-felled and double-felled inseam construction among our jeans. Single-felled for styles designed with a heritage look and double-felled for a clean sleek silhouette when cuff.  

Hit us a note for inseam color suggestion for our next batches! It's Friday! Cheers everyone & 'till next week. 

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by Jeffrey Lee | June 24, 2016

This is finally ready. 

It won't be a total exaggeration if we are to say we had been working on this style for over a year. Life happens (quite literally) and usual procrastination aside, we had spent tremendous time to experiment w/ this stone-wash look & here's why:

When we launched Doublewood in '13, Raw Denim was our primary and only focus. We started w/ a pair of jeans with subtle details that we love, tailored in awesome Japanese selvedge denim fabrics, and crafted under supreme standard at our family-owned CN workshop.

That core concept will never change; but we have increasingly become insatiable to design with just the material in raw state.

To translate our thoughts w/ a foodie analogy: Sashimi is undoubtedly delicious, but we can't ignore the fact that there are many different ways to prep a fish dish. What about Cantonese style steamed fish? What about Brits Fish & Chips? 

We are not interested to box Doublewood as just a 'Raw Denim Brand'. If labeling is mandated, we rather see Doublewood as a populists' brand. 

For this Bleached Boyfriend Jeans, we envisioned a retro almost 80s MTV style type of stone wash. We worked very hard w/ our internal denim wash-house to get this exact color hue (consistently for the entire batch was the real challenge) and finesse the amount of abrasion to reveal the weft beneath. We even revisit all the minuscule details at seams and at the continuous fly to minimize the unwanted legacy wash crease marks.

And here at last, we think we got it.
If you are a bit too impatient towards raw denim, this is for you: Our Instant Snug Fit bleached Boyfriend jeans. 

Without further ado, our long-awaited Bleached Boyfriend jeans is now officially available at our webshop
Its Friday! Time to hit that new Oaklnd beer garden. Till next week, cheers everyone!

p.s. Brexit happened!! That's genuinely unexpected. Embrace the uncertainty and keep calm! Although this possibly mark the end of the United Kingdom, geographically =

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FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XL - Where to Drink (2016SS East Bay Edition-Part II)

by Jeffrey Lee | April 22, 2016

Back in January, we have made the first attempt to put together a list of places that we love to hang in Oakland, when we are not making jeans at studio. After (much) more beers and time to sober up, here is an attentively curated part II ;)

  • Portal: This spot is a local gem. Right by the lake, a perfect detour after a light jog/ bike ride. Solid rotating draft beers w/ outdoor patio seating. Expect a good crowd (& wait) at evenings/ brunch hours. The food is beyond standard, in fact its VERY good! Their hot sauce selection (varies by table) is the main attraction thou. This one below is definitely our fav.

  • The Double Standard: To label this as a dive bar could be an overstatement but we really like its laid back vibe. Its quite a perfect place to watch the Warrior games (other than at the Arena, of coz): not too insanely crowded but w/ the enthusiastic regulars. Another plus is, if you ask nicely enough, the barkeep normally would let you bring in outside food. There's a killer burrito joint right across; in case you wonder.. there are quite a few mex. place around, but there's only one place constantly filled w/ ppl. Yes, join the herd and go to that one!
  • Fieldwork Brewing Co.: Well, this one is legitimately not in Oakland (which is also why we renamed the post title to included the overall East Bay, see? ;) Admittedly, we are not too fanatic about the IPA scene in general, but we must say, Fieldwork's are absolutely delicious by any standard. We only find out recently that their taproom is very close by (c'mon its just Berkeley). With the expanded draft list and that $7 roasted almonds (along with the kid/dog friendly patio), this easily become the new Sunday rituals.
    • Hoi Polloi: Again, not exactly in Oakland; however this hole-in-the-wall pub is quintessential in many ways. First off, they have free truffle popcorn. Free!!! When is the last time you ever get that?! and secondly, their home brews are great (try their refreshing saison) and that remind me of the Pacific Brewery Lab back in their garage days. 

    We are quite certain that a Part III will be due as we continue to explore. Hit us a note if you feel like there's something major that we missed out! 

    Stay tuned, drink up & till next week. Cheers everyone!



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    FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XXIX - Where to Drink (2016SS Oakland Edition-Part I)

    by Jeffrey Lee | January 29, 2016

    2016 JP Beer Fest @ Trappist

    In (avid) observance of the SF Beer Week, we put together a list of places in Oakland that we love and hang most religiously at the moment. Check them out here:

    • Arbor Cafe: OK, this is not exactly a bar but they serve pints. The good ones from Oakland's own Linden Street. Caffeine and beer married well together. Big plus for open late (9pm), this is our go to spot to get some emails done.
    • Bay Grape: Eclectic, relatively rare beer selection (from JP to Belgium). A great spot if you are meeting someone (or yourself) on paleo diet. (They can opt for wine =). They close early thou (10pm)
    • Beer Revolution: A divey version of Trappist, a tad more affordable w/ diverse bottle collection. Great friendly staffs.
    • Commonwealth: This is the spot for your English Ale quench & Brewdog is always on the tap. It can get uber crowded on a major soccer game day. The dilemma is, whether to get the baked bean toast or that fish & chips sandwich. Delish.
    • Drake's Dealership: Situated at the much anticipated (or gentrified) Hive complex. Great outdoor pebble patio w/ fire pits. Live music/DJ can get really loud and almost impossible to converse on the weekend. Can't go wrong w/ a pint of Blonde & poutine.

    Apparently it would be way too ambitious in attempt to cover all our beloved Oakland drinking spots in a single post. Part II is coming next. 

    Stay tuned, drink up & till next week. Cheers everyone!

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