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by Jade Lam | September 04, 2015

Capitol Hill - our favorite neighborhood in Seattle. Encompassed by these amazing establishments w/ such dynamic vibe. Walking distance from the downtown, right by the constantly jammed HWY 5 (SF-ist: imagine like the bay bridge peak hour traffic but w/ accidents, all-the-time!!)
Here is a list of spots we love and keep on going back whenever we were in town:

Glasswing - Rustic and essential. From storefront decor to engaging, knowledgeable staffs, these folks are setting a gold standard to shopping experience. It was founded by a group of friends who share strong passions in quality goods and fine craft. We are stoked that our denim are exclusively available at this exceptional store. While you are at it, you can't miss the melrose market next door. Everything @ Melrose Market is great. Quite literally.

Totokaelo - Great white space and new connecting staircase. The interior is serene and filled with strong curation of luxe goods. Great place to splurge; we took pilgrimage to this store since their western avenue days.

Oddfellows Cafe & Bar - Lovely ambiance to sip a glass of wine and pause. Get the porchetta sandwich as well: slow roasted pork, garlic aioli with coleslaw. Mouth-watering.

Pike Street Fish Fry - This could be controversial but heck, its gotta be the best fish and chips in Seattle. The batter. The fish. The perfect crispiness of fries. The divey-ness. In short, we usually made special trip to grab an extra to-go order before returning flight; and its still D-E-L-I-S-H after hours. Mind blogging, huh?

Analog Coffee - The cafe has an array of periodicals and comics for your reading leisure. A very solid cup of Cappuccino.

Victrola Coffee Roasters - These coffee geeks always remind us what Blue Bottle Coffee were/might have been, prior to their seething expansion. An outstanding beacon, even from this overly caffeine saturated 'hood.

That's about it! Check 'em out if you happened to be in town. You may have noticed that we intentionally skipped the bar/drink genre, coz in our mind there's no such thing as bad libation smile emoticon

Cheers everyone, till next week!


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