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FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XXIX - Where to Drink (2016SS Oakland Edition-Part I)

by Jeffrey Lee | January 29, 2016

2016 JP Beer Fest @ Trappist

In (avid) observance of the SF Beer Week, we put together a list of places in Oakland that we love and hang most religiously at the moment. Check them out here:

  • Arbor Cafe: OK, this is not exactly a bar but they serve pints. The good ones from Oakland's own Linden Street. Caffeine and beer married well together. Big plus for open late (9pm), this is our go to spot to get some emails done.
  • Bay Grape: Eclectic, relatively rare beer selection (from JP to Belgium). A great spot if you are meeting someone (or yourself) on paleo diet. (They can opt for wine =). They close early thou (10pm)
  • Beer Revolution: A divey version of Trappist, a tad more affordable w/ diverse bottle collection. Great friendly staffs.
  • Commonwealth: This is the spot for your English Ale quench & Brewdog is always on the tap. It can get uber crowded on a major soccer game day. The dilemma is, whether to get the baked bean toast or that fish & chips sandwich. Delish.
  • Drake's Dealership: Situated at the much anticipated (or gentrified) Hive complex. Great outdoor pebble patio w/ fire pits. Live music/DJ can get really loud and almost impossible to converse on the weekend. Can't go wrong w/ a pint of Blonde & poutine.

Apparently it would be way too ambitious in attempt to cover all our beloved Oakland drinking spots in a single post. Part II is coming next. 

Stay tuned, drink up & till next week. Cheers everyone!

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