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FRIDAY.LASSITUDE.XXI - Shizuoka's Green Tea Cola

by Robin Chan | December 04, 2015

While companies around the world have made all sorts of different versions of cola, we were told that Kimura Beverage Company in Japan has made a tastier and healthier soft drinks than the same products of some well-known giant companies. It took them five years in planning and one year for product development. It is called "Shizuoka Cola" and is only available in Shizouka (well known as green tea capital, providing almost half of all the green teas consumed in Japan).

Finally we were lucky enough to get a taste of this Shizuoka's Cola in a Taiwan Sushi restaurant. So, how does it taste? Overall it is actually very refreshing and has a soft sweetish green tea aroma which goes well with Japanese food. There was a very faint after taste of green tea.

What's next? Cola in Kabayaki eel flavour? Stay tuned!

Tags: Coke, Green Tea, Lassitude