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FRIDAY.LASSITUDE.XXII - Artist Collaboration (debut batch)

by Jeffrey Lee | December 11, 2015

We first met SF local artist, Jon Gourley in the Spring of '14. It was back at his residency days w/ Root Division in Mission, SF. Stunned by the minimal and satirical approach of his prints, we knew certainly an Artist Collab. batch are meant to happen. 20 months later (yes, we are dumbfounded at our procrastination capacity, too), today we are finally ready to release this batch.

Attentively curated artworks on the denim and on the 10oz. canvas bag; the artworks intend to transcend a seemingly explicit w/ a subtle/sarcastic/wit undertone as its hidden layer.
Leftist/ rightist/ democrats blue (or butyl blue) & social norm are among the central concepts for our collab. The 13.75oz denim is constructed w/ left hand twill fabrics (which as one may guess, is also an implicit decision).

Adorned w/ gun metal rivets, this hand numbered petite batch (30 pairs made) is also our first men jeans to adopt the heritage continuous fly detail.

Swing by 440 Brannan Studio Showroom at 5-7pm today, 12/11. Grab a beer w/ us to chat more on denim, art & beyond.

Till next week. Cheers everyone.

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FRIDAY.LASSITUDE.XIX - SF local art scene & beyond

by Jeffrey Lee | November 20, 2015

FRIDAY.LASSITUDE.XIX - SF local art scene & beyond

Southern Exposure, Mission SF

Crank @Southern Exposure. Opening reception @ 7pm tonight, 11/20.

This annual event is the premier showcase of contemporary artwork by promising local talents. With varied & open-ended theme each year, artists are encouraged to pursue a broad range of artistic expression across media.

For those who are unfamiliar w/ SoEx: Southern Exposure have beenĀ the beacon of artist-centric resource & educational hub in SF Bay Area since 1974.
Amidst this year's coterie of 50 aspiring artists, our personal fav. Mr. Jon Gourley's work is also included @ Crank.

Jon constantly explores the juxtaposition between institution & individuality.His works are often propositions based on an acute & keen observation on everyday's habitual subjects.

We are fans of the antsy & witty tone embodied in Jon's works.

Side track back to denim, we are also enticed and ready to launch our debut Artist Collaboration series w/ Jon G.. It was almost a year long collaboration process and we love the results. More detail on this series soon.

Till next week, cheers everyone!

p.s. if you happen to be around SoEx, get a cocktail @Trick Dog! Its usually *very packed and you will sip thru the reason behindĀ =)

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