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FRIDAY.LASSITUDE.XI - Hard Graft Leather Goods / Lifestyle Accessories

by Robin Chan | September 18, 2015

FRIDAY.LASSITUDE.XI - Hard Graft Leather Goods / Lifestyle Accessories

It is intriguing that great brands always share similar traits:

i. Collaboration
Hard Graft: UK based, Handmade in Italy, Founded in 2007 by monie.ka (Austrian) and James (English)
Doublewood: SF based, Crafted in Zhongshan, Founded in 2013 by a trio team. (Hong Kong)

ii. Aesthetic
Hard Graft: Attention to details and functional like the laptop folio with a grab handle.
Doublewood: Minimal and subtle details like hidden rivets, raised belt loops, chainstitch hemming...all prepared for the purpose of developing better fades.

iii. Italian Leather, natural fibers
Hard Graft: 100% vegetable-tanned Tuscan leather that matures gradually over time, natural wool.
Doublewood: 100% vegetable tanned leather patch that ages over time again, 100% cotton / 98% cotton, 2% polyurethane.

iv. Packaging
Hard Graft: Package in canvas bag, come with care instruction card.
Doublewood: Package in 10oz. unprimed canvas tote / bag.

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