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Narrow 01 (Batch 01) / 150 days / 0 Wash

by Robin Chan | September 25, 2014

Doublewood 1st denim fade post. Unique fades reminds us of why we love raw denim!  As we always tell our customers and friends a pair of raw selvedge denim will create creases and fading in a way that is a unique reflection of YOUR body. They can be incredibly uncomfortable for the first day, or even week. But once you break it in yourself and wear regularly over time, your denim will mold themselves to your body and age with a striking, high-contrast fade—in short, they’ll become the most comfortable and distinctive denim you’ll ever own. Below are the detail pictures of Narrow 01 (Batch 01) denim which has been wearing for 150 days and has never been washed. There’s more to come!

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What is raw jeans?

by Jade Lam | October 29, 2013

For those not in the know, raw denim (also called "rigid" or "dry denim") feels stiffer at first and then fades and distresses according to the individual wearer; it's as authentic as it gets. We strive to keep the denim at its bona fide and natural form. We want to create a “blank slate” for each wearer to carve his or her own life onto. It is fun to break in jeans and create unique fades that is yours and yours alone.

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