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by Jeffrey Lee | February 19, 2016

We have heard many great things about this 2-day indie trade show since its debut last year. This year we head down to South Cal and see what the fuzz is about. 

45 minutes from Palm Springs, we arrived among a cult of denimheads, artisans and fashionistas at the uber eco-conscious Mojave Sands Motel, Joshua Tree. 

Its mesmerizing to meet with many similar-minded folks that each has a strong belief in crafts and quality. This reminds us on why we initially started this denim project: to share our ideals and love in denim.

We will be back for sure, perhaps next time as vendor ;) 

Till next week and cheers everyone!

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FRIDAY.LASSITUDE.XVIII - Travel Journal II - Zhongshan

by Robin Chan | November 13, 2015

Travel Journal II - Zhongshan - besides naming after the founding father of the Republic of China, Sun ZhongShan and where Doublewood Denim are made from :).  It is actually a city with great food options.

One of the most crowded and famous restaurant in Zhongshan is Shiqilao 石岐佬: You can order all kinds of local authentic food here with reasonable price. Must try - roast pigeon and super sized fried dumpling.

p.s. Don't forget to check out the gigantic fish tank urinal in the male restroom.

Last but the least, if you are interested in seeing the old buildings in Zhongshan, San Xi Cun 三溪村 will be a good place to stop by and with abundant choices of coffee shops.

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