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by Jeffrey Lee | September 30, 2016

Few weeks ago, we had debut the Women Skinny in 3 shades of Grey.
Today, let's talk more about the perennial raw version of the Charcoal Grey. 
Its constructed with 13.50oz. Japanese rope-dyed redline selvedge denim from the legendary Kaihara Mill. The Skinny tailoring is as svelte as our indigo version, but you would feel the fabric weight difference right away when pulling this on the first time.

This denim would feel denser, more rigid w/ slightly less stretch. Riveted w/ matte black metallic burr and a flip-lock Swiss made premium RIRI zipper. The double-felled inseam is accent w/ a batch-specific carrot color thread to draw a sharp contrast w/ the grey tone.

Think of it as raw canvas; add your own personal touch to it by wearing the pair thru nights and days.   
Like our regular collection, #165 pairs were made and hand stamped individually. Available now in our webshop and at our brick & mortar stockists. 

Its Friday and its Oktoberfest!! Cheers and drink up everyone, 'til next week.


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by Jeffrey Lee | August 19, 2016

Grey is versatile.

It matches with anything quite effortlessly: whether to complete a pure noir look or as a neutral backdrop to accent that punchy color.

While Indigo will always held a special place in our palette, Grey is easily our 2nd go-to color. The real question is in which hue. 

Dark smoke charcoal/ Leaden raven/ almost-Ash, are among our favorite Greys.

That's why at once, we have developed 3 distinct shades of Grey for our girl Skinny jeans. From Raw to Bleached, these are constructed from the same 13.50oz Japanese redline selvedge w/ a hint of stretch. Double-felled seam w/ a vibrant carrot thread color. 

Summer is here, whether you are chilling at the beach or foraging in the woods, these grey jeans will be a perfect fit.

The Raw, Rinsed & Bleached Grey Skinnies are now available in our webshop.

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by Jeffrey Lee | June 24, 2016

This is finally ready. 

It won't be a total exaggeration if we are to say we had been working on this style for over a year. Life happens (quite literally) and usual procrastination aside, we had spent tremendous time to experiment w/ this stone-wash look & here's why:

When we launched Doublewood in '13, Raw Denim was our primary and only focus. We started w/ a pair of jeans with subtle details that we love, tailored in awesome Japanese selvedge denim fabrics, and crafted under supreme standard at our family-owned CN workshop.

That core concept will never change; but we have increasingly become insatiable to design with just the material in raw state.

To translate our thoughts w/ a foodie analogy: Sashimi is undoubtedly delicious, but we can't ignore the fact that there are many different ways to prep a fish dish. What about Cantonese style steamed fish? What about Brits Fish & Chips? 

We are not interested to box Doublewood as just a 'Raw Denim Brand'. If labeling is mandated, we rather see Doublewood as a populists' brand. 

For this Bleached Boyfriend Jeans, we envisioned a retro almost 80s MTV style type of stone wash. We worked very hard w/ our internal denim wash-house to get this exact color hue (consistently for the entire batch was the real challenge) and finesse the amount of abrasion to reveal the weft beneath. We even revisit all the minuscule details at seams and at the continuous fly to minimize the unwanted legacy wash crease marks.

And here at last, we think we got it.
If you are a bit too impatient towards raw denim, this is for you: Our Instant Snug Fit bleached Boyfriend jeans. 

Without further ado, our long-awaited Bleached Boyfriend jeans is now officially available at our webshop
Its Friday! Time to hit that new Oaklnd beer garden. Till next week, cheers everyone!

p.s. Brexit happened!! That's genuinely unexpected. Embrace the uncertainty and keep calm! Although this possibly mark the end of the United Kingdom, geographically =

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by Jeffrey Lee | June 10, 2016

For those may have noticed, we have been posting a series titled 'Indigo Sea'. Most denimheads are fanatic about how their denim being worn out and would go extra miles to develop those meticulously personalized honeycombs/ whiskers (hige)/ pocket fades, so forth.
And we are no exceptions.
Sometimes we pick up a pair; marking the calendar and closely examine the worn progress, almost in a microscopic sense. This whisker starts to look more substantial/ when did I spill something on the thigh/ this phone fade need more consistent placement work...these findings often put a smile on our faces.
Much like looking at the night sea, we find ephemeral tranquility thru these intimate gaze.
Now, that's an obsession. =)
We will continue to post these fades photos to document our fading process from different pairs, so stay tuned.
Cheers and its Friday!! Till next week.
p.s as for why our fades photos don't have ppl in it; well, that would be rather passé and banal, no? ;)

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Chronicle of backpocket-phone-fades saga

by Jeffrey Lee | September 08, 2015

Contrary to what the anemic/bendgate bourgeois suggested, we typically place our phones in the backpocket. Primarily to build up fades and also for empirical reasons. 
At the very beginning, we designed our pocket size based on the practicality to hold things (phone dimensions in this case). Apparently, we have to scratch that thought once the phalet size iphone 6plus came out.
With the event/new iphone announcement around the corner, we put together a collage of progressive backpocket iphone fades; for reminiscence and for a cornucopia of well-aged denim!
Enjoy & Cheers to everyone.

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