Doublewood | FAQ


What is selvedge denim?

Selvedge denim is an unique type of denim fabrics woven with a finished 'self-bound/self edge'. Selvedge denim fabrics is woven by vintage shuttle loom machines. Each shuttle loom can only crafted approx. 150 fabric yards each day (about 30 pairs of denim). Unlike newer/modern projectile loom machine, selvedge denim fabrics is not meant for mass production due to a comparatively slower woven speed/production time. Essentially, it's a much more rare/exclusive/premium denim fabrics.

Will your denim shrink?

Unless otherwise noted, our denim fabrics is sanforized in mill already, meaning shrinkage is much less in comparison to unsanforized denim. Our jeans shrinks about 3% (max.) after normal cold water wash.

When to wash your denim?

When you can't stand it anymore!! For the first 6 months, we recommend to wash only when they were badly stained, or under absolute necessity scenario. Otherwise wait for (at least) 6 months before the first wash to optimize the fade results. It also predominantly depends on how often you wear the jeans and what you do in them.

How to wash your denim?

1. Turn your jeans inside out, and button up.
2. Fill the tub with enough lukewarm water to fully submerge the jeans, mix in a small amount of very light washing detergent which specifically designed to lock in darker colors.
3. Set the detergent bottle or some other heavy items onto the jeans to keep them submerged. Sit for 45 minutes.
4. Drain the tub, rinse the jeans with clean water. Roll them up and rinse further to siphon out any extra soap, wring if needed.
5. Hang dry indoor.

How to find the right fit? When will the denim break-in?

We typically suggest to get a tight waist size (have a very hard time to button the top), the jeans will stretch a bit through wears and become comfortable fit after about 30 wears.

Do we have different inseam length available?

Currently we only offer uniform inseam length due to our limited batch production. Inseam length varies proportionally with the waist size. Exact measurements can be found in the size chart. Longer or shorter inseam may only be available upon special request.

Where can you find the size chart?

Size chart for each style is located right to the waist size drop down list.

What are the differences between batch 01 and 02 for Straight and Narrow styles?

Due to popular demand and to avoid confusion, we shrank one size down in Indigo Narrow & Straight Batch02. Beyond the denim measurements tweak, we have updated the batch-specific inseam colors and introduced a few new details, notably the hidden rivets & slanted button openings!