Doublewood | FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XL - Where to Drink (2016SS East Bay Edition-Part II)

FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XL - Where to Drink (2016SS East Bay Edition-Part II)

by Jeffrey Lee | April 22, 2016

Back in January, we have made the first attempt to put together a list of places that we love to hang in Oakland, when we are not making jeans at studio. After (much) more beers and time to sober up, here is an attentively curated part II ;)

  • Portal: This spot is a local gem. Right by the lake, a perfect detour after a light jog/ bike ride. Solid rotating draft beers w/ outdoor patio seating. Expect a good crowd (& wait) at evenings/ brunch hours. The food is beyond standard, in fact its VERY good! Their hot sauce selection (varies by table) is the main attraction thou. This one below is definitely our fav.

  • The Double Standard: To label this as a dive bar could be an overstatement but we really like its laid back vibe. Its quite a perfect place to watch the Warrior games (other than at the Arena, of coz): not too insanely crowded but w/ the enthusiastic regulars. Another plus is, if you ask nicely enough, the barkeep normally would let you bring in outside food. There's a killer burrito joint right across; in case you wonder.. there are quite a few mex. place around, but there's only one place constantly filled w/ ppl. Yes, join the herd and go to that one!
  • Fieldwork Brewing Co.: Well, this one is legitimately not in Oakland (which is also why we renamed the post title to included the overall East Bay, see? ;) Admittedly, we are not too fanatic about the IPA scene in general, but we must say, Fieldwork's are absolutely delicious by any standard. We only find out recently that their taproom is very close by (c'mon its just Berkeley). With the expanded draft list and that $7 roasted almonds (along with the kid/dog friendly patio), this easily become the new Sunday rituals.
    • Hoi Polloi: Again, not exactly in Oakland; however this hole-in-the-wall pub is quintessential in many ways. First off, they have free truffle popcorn. Free!!! When is the last time you ever get that?! and secondly, their home brews are great (try their refreshing saison) and that remind me of the Pacific Brewery Lab back in their garage days. 

    We are quite certain that a Part III will be due as we continue to explore. Hit us a note if you feel like there's something major that we missed out! 

    Stay tuned, drink up & till next week. Cheers everyone!