Doublewood | FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XLVIII - Jeans/Denim fun fact.

FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XLVIII - Jeans/Denim fun fact.

by Robin Chan | June 17, 2016

Today we want to go over the origin of the jeans if you wonder why are jeans called jeans?

The history of jeans is mingled with with French history. Jeans were invented in the 19th century in the French town of Nimes. In French, the word “serge” is used to describe the fabric that jeans are composed from. Thus, jeans’ fabric was originally called “serge de Nimes,” or, as it’s been shortened to, "denim."

That explained "denim", but what about "jeans"?

Denim became incredibly popular in Europe, especially with sailors from Genoa, Italy. Whenever they were in France, they would buy their denim in bulk. The pants were so popular with the sailors, that the material quickly took on a nickname that paid tribute to the Genoa sailors: jeans.

However, as far as modern-day people are concerned, the history of blue jeans really began when a Bavarian immigrant named Levi Strauss made the first blue jean in 1873.

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