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FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XL - Where to Drink (2016SS East Bay Edition-Part II)

by Jeffrey Lee | April 22, 2016

Back in January, we have made the first attempt to put together a list of places that we love to hang in Oakland, when we are not making jeans at studio. After (much) more beers and time to sober up, here is an attentively curated part II ;)

  • Portal: This spot is a local gem. Right by the lake, a perfect detour after a light jog/ bike ride. Solid rotating draft beers w/ outdoor patio seating. Expect a good crowd (& wait) at evenings/ brunch hours. The food is beyond standard, in fact its VERY good! Their hot sauce selection (varies by table) is the main attraction thou. This one below is definitely our fav.

  • The Double Standard: To label this as a dive bar could be an overstatement but we really like its laid back vibe. Its quite a perfect place to watch the Warrior games (other than at the Arena, of coz): not too insanely crowded but w/ the enthusiastic regulars. Another plus is, if you ask nicely enough, the barkeep normally would let you bring in outside food. There's a killer burrito joint right across; in case you wonder.. there are quite a few mex. place around, but there's only one place constantly filled w/ ppl. Yes, join the herd and go to that one!
  • Fieldwork Brewing Co.: Well, this one is legitimately not in Oakland (which is also why we renamed the post title to included the overall East Bay, see? ;) Admittedly, we are not too fanatic about the IPA scene in general, but we must say, Fieldwork's are absolutely delicious by any standard. We only find out recently that their taproom is very close by (c'mon its just Berkeley). With the expanded draft list and that $7 roasted almonds (along with the kid/dog friendly patio), this easily become the new Sunday rituals.
    • Hoi Polloi: Again, not exactly in Oakland; however this hole-in-the-wall pub is quintessential in many ways. First off, they have free truffle popcorn. Free!!! When is the last time you ever get that?! and secondly, their home brews are great (try their refreshing saison) and that remind me of the Pacific Brewery Lab back in their garage days. 

    We are quite certain that a Part III will be due as we continue to explore. Hit us a note if you feel like there's something major that we missed out! 

    Stay tuned, drink up & till next week. Cheers everyone!



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    by Robin Chan | April 15, 2016

    Doublewood Denim is made from high quality rope-dyed Japanese selvedge denim, do you know as of now, we are only using Kaihara denim mill so far, a textile house in Fukuyama City, Japan, that’s been producing indigo-dyed fabrics for over 100 years and the largest denim supplier in Japan?

    Today we want to give you some background and history of Kaihara denim mill. Kaihara mill was started in 1893 as a source for indigo kasuri, an ikat-like weaving technique that’s used for kimonos and wall hangings. They started their selvedge denim production until 1994. 

    Kaihara uses a large quantity of pima cotton from US as it is one of the best cottons in the world despite its higher cost which differentiates them from others. For added strength, the cotton is re-spun a total of 64 times, after which the indigo dye is applied by a special rope-dyeing process (the threads are wound up like rope and pulled back and forth through a network of rollers and vats) to deepen the final hue. More importantly, it gives the denim a more 3D and rich color. 

    Lastly, besides the tradition and heritage, what makes Kaihara so superior and a perfect match for us is we both share an uncompromising aptitude for fine denim making.

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    by Jade Lam | April 08, 2016

    Following on previous LHT & RHT post, do you there is one more twill in the denim world? Do you know when we combine LHT with RHT, we will get Broken Twill?

    Broken twill is a twill weaved in which the direction of the diagonal produced by the weft threads is reversed after no more than two passages of the weft creating a random zig-zag pattern. It is first used by Wrangler in 1964.

    If the twill is woven either to LHT or RHT, it will eventually twist itself after washing due to the tension. This is why you see the outseam of some denim twisted to the front or back of the leg. And broken twill will combat this!

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    by Jeffrey Lee | April 01, 2016

    For the avid movie buffs out there, you would be well aware of the forthcoming 59th San Francisco International Film Festival (04/21-05/05). An array of international film screenings was just announced few days ago. 
    For the rest of us philistines (lol), still there is an usual artistic inner voice that urge to oust that comfort zone and to embrace the indie artsy flicks. 
    Well, here is your chance. Plus, both the newly minted Alamo Drafthouse (Mission, SF) & BAM/PFA (Berkeley) are among this year's screening venues. If not for the auteurs' works, it would still be worthwhile to check out these latest SF theatrical offerings. 
    Here is our initial pick: 
    on y we picked: Althou the last few movies from Gondry aren't exactly our favorites (OK, since the Green Hornet, actually). But this is the guy who directed & co-wrote Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!! For this latest one, Michel Gondry appears to return to his whimsical adventurous root. Highly anticipated. 
    on y we picked: Traditionally Tadanobu Asano delivers bipolar but equally astonishing acting in non-gory/action-packed flicks; like Taste of Tea & Last Life in the Universe. We have the same high hope this time.
    on y we picked: one word, Christopher Doyle. Christopher Doyle. Christopher Doyle.  
    Note that, non-member tickets go on sales today at noon!
    Have a great weekend everyone. Till next week. Cheers.

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    by Robin Chan | March 25, 2016

    Instead of Left-Hand Traff (LHT) and Right-Hand Traffic (RHT), in denim world, LHT actually means Left Hand Twill and RHT means Right Hand Twill. What's the difference?

    Right hand twill (RHT), also known as “Z­-twill”, is the most common and can be easily known by the diagonal pattern that moves from the bottom left of the fabric towards the top right. This style was made well­known byLevi's and has become the industry standard. It is known to have a flatter and smoother surface compared to other twill fabrics and creates more defined fades.

    Left hand twill (LHT), “S-twill”, is woven in the exact opposite direction as RHT, starting from the bottom right and moving up to the top left of the fabric. It was originally used by Lee denim. If a left hand twill denim is worn heavily over a period of time, the end results typically carry fuzzy, vertical fading. More importantly, it tends to wear down softer than right hand twill and thus a softer hand feel after washing.

    So now you know why we chose LHT fabrics as our COMFORT style? Till next week...

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