Doublewood | FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XXXIV - Selvedge ID


by Robin Chan | March 03, 2016

We were told to cover more denim related posts in our blog over the last few weeks. We hear you and there will be more denim posts starting from today!
So do you know why selvedge id is usually white and red in the middle? It's actually introduced in 1927 when the Cone Mills White Oak Factory added a red thread in the selvedge fabrics for the infamous Levi 501xx. The colored thread was mainly for the mills to differentiate different fabrics. In fact the first generation of Levis jeans were made with the duck cloth and only has "whitelines".
Nowadays selvedge ID is becoming more of a brand trademark. Basically denim mill can make any color and pattern that they want. Levi’s has the iconic red selvedge stitching, Samurai a silver, Lee a yellow...And how about Doublewood Denim? All I can say is please stay tuned!