Doublewood | FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XXXIII - Petit Crenn


by Jade Lam | February 26, 2016

Was so excited to try Dominique Crenn's new restaurant, and it didn't disappoint. I loved Atelier Crenn so couldn't wait to try this new sister restaurant with a different concept. Set menu for $75 with a communal dining experience where you will most be sharing some dishes with people at the same table unless you book your reservation for party of 4+ and the table only fit that many people.
Food/Drinks- The menu changes so I'm not going to go into detail on each item. My favorite items that night were the oysters (I love oysters), whole trout (barely cooked on the verge of sushi) and the dessert was a citrus crème served inside an orange. Delicious & nice presentation! Other dishes were solid and they nicely accommodated. Wine was tasty, good selection. Wine list is primarily French, as this is a French country type cuisine. Chef Dominique Crenn is the genius behind this Restaurant.
Ambiance/Decor- brightly lit and nicely decorated yet simple. White and wood. Simple and Clean. Two large menus of the day posted on the walls.
Overall, everything was fabulous and very filling. Good place for dinner to have solid/good food and a new dining experience if you sit/share dishes with strangers, which could be fun! Just like Dominique Crenn you can meet and greet her before you had any food and she's so cool! ;)
Petit Crenn, 609 Hayes St. (near Laguna), S.F. (415) 864-1744.
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