by Jeffrey Lee | July 17, 2015

promise this will be our last cat-related fri post, at least for a lil while. ;)
Introducing our second maneki-neko in training. Ginko is def more finicky than the tabby. A feisty calico that also has a fetish for denim (she nap in 'em all the time)
while we are at it, chk out this seemingly amazing kitty fountain on Indiegogo, @purataipeitaiwan…/pura-a-smart-water-fountain-for…

This team in Taiwan shown lots of dedication in what they are doing. One wish list item thou: make that necktag slightly more 'fashion-conscious'?!? Pretty darn sure, ours will defy hanging w/ that (lol)
& of coz, its Friday at last! Cheers to u guys w/ a matching cat beer! Till next wk.


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Tags: cat, Lassitude