by Jeffrey Lee | July 24, 2015

Doublewood's first non-feline friday post, pretty exciting already yea? (lol)
before you head to the beach, or the wild, or wherever ur secret potion is; here are a few things we enjoyed at the moment:

how to be idle (luv the concept: being a genuine idler is truly difficult!) / a translated jp cookbook primarily for men (simple seasonal recipes beyond the mere survival feed / apple music (their curation so far is surprisingly gd, jumping ship from spotify) / juul (e-cig isn't gd for the body, yea we know. but we are also sucker for great design, highly rec if u need sleek quick fag fix) / owl beer (jp hitachino, this one doesn't req explanation, i guess?)

p.s. we will be catching the International Champion Cup tmr, any soccer fans here?
p.p.s. came across this awesome marble phone case from N.U, luv it. great work guys.

till next week, cheers everyone!!

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Tags: Lassitude