Doublewood | FRIDAY LASSITUDE.XXXI - Jason Richardson


by Robin Chan | February 12, 2016

Back in December last year, we were contacted by Joey Creel, a professional documentary filmmaker to sponsor the documentary film for Jason Richardson, an incredibly talented guitarist. Sharing with the same passion for raw denim, we felt very glad to be able to sponsor our jeans to them.
Just last week we have received an email from Joey with the weekly update video links and we just can't wait to share them with you all.
In short, this documentary video is about following guitarist Jason Richardson through his journey to record his first solo album. There will be intimate interviews with Jason, and people who takes part in the album creating process.

A little background about Jason: he is a very talented guitarist who is best known from shredding in the bands All Shall Perish, Born Of Osiris, Chelsea Grin, as well as guest spots for the bands Veil of Maya, Polyphia and more. After years of internationally touring with all three bands, he decided to part ways to focus on his own music. Jason will be joined on the drums by Luke Holland (The Word Alive) and other well known musicians such as Jeff Loomis, Jacky Vincent, Rick Graham, Nick Johnston, Wes Hauch, Spencer Sotelo, and more on the album! 

Thanks for sharing your work with us Joey! Awesome job! And last but not least, Jason, best of luck for your album! Can't wait to see you guys wearing our denim on screen.
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Tags: Lassitude, Music