Doublewood | FRIDAY.LASSITUDE.XXVII- Mansur Gavriel Bags


by Jade Lam | January 15, 2016

One of the “Must-have” item in a woman’s wardrobe- a structured, classic bag for everyday. My personal pick would be Mansur Gavriel bags, these bags are ridiculously ELUSIVE (besides a Hermès Birkin). MG bags currently offer in tote, backpack and the bucket bag (the most popular).
Usually they will make an announcement before it’s available online. However, all the hang bags sold out in less than five minutes. Do I think that they are worth it? For the price point and simple all leather design I say yes.
One thing I like about the MG bags, besides their design and quality, they also use the original vegetable tanned leather which is stiff and untreated.
Yes, it scratches somewhat easily, but they will fade over time as the leather patinas and cures. You can use conditioner or baby wipes to quicken this process. While this notion of "easily scuffed" terrifies some people, this effect is actually part of the appeal and beauty of the bag. It has a very rich, natural look. Our denim leather patches are also made out of top grain Italian veg-tan leather, which is great complement to our jeans & these goodies.



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