Doublewood | FRIDAY.LASSITUDE.XVI-Back to the future

FRIDAY.LASSITUDE.XVI-Back to the future

by Robin Chan | October 23, 2015

While "Back to the Future" Day has been the talk of the town, do you know besides the hoverboards, smartglasses, self-lacing shoes that actually came true, there is also a trend in the movie that you might have missed? It is the inside-out pants - just like Doc Brown tells us all the kids are wearing in 2015!

So we tried it out with our narrow / 01 but it feels weird because of the hard-to-access belt loops, back pockets. The best part is people now can see clearly our cross-sectional tree stem pattern on front pocket. For those who might not be aware, there is actually a little tree ring inside of the tree stem. It will increase per denim batch symbolizing the growth of our brand as well!

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Tags: Lassitude