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by Jeffrey Lee | September 11, 2015

Our 10th fri. lassitude post! A minuscule milestone to our weekly ritual!
Couple weeks ago, we had touched on our screen printing/ packaging process. On a similar note, we also print postcard size visual guides for our denim collection. Few reasons on why we did this:
i. Its a fun graphic composition exercise (aka we hv too much time on hand)
ii. There's a snippet of denim features on the back: for folks who are not familiar with our denim details
iii. Who doesn't love hanging denim-focus postcards on their walls?!

We are at the 11th versions of these; pick them up in our stockists.

Till next week, cheers everyone!
p.s. to the sharp-eyed: the postcard footer block matches the inseam color on that specific denim batch. Subtle visual cue, yea? :)

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