Doublewood | Hidden rivets: an often overlooked detail and why we did it

Hidden rivets: an often overlooked detail and why we did it

by Jeffrey Lee | August 31, 2015

Back in the 1930s, first conceived as remedy to hide those exposed back pocket rivets from scratching on anything the bottom hits (leather furniture/ horse saddle, etc - the gd old cowboy days).
(4) flat rivets covered by the denim fabrics, were added at the top corners of each back pocket as reinforcement.
This making is intricate and requires a higher level of precision (if the needle lands on one of these hidden rivets, it will subsequently break the machine, which happened many times during our diligent prototyping).

The result is a subtle epitome of form follows function. But like many complex details that required extra dedication, the denim industry had gradually phased out this seemingly trivial feature w/ simple bar tack stitch.
We started to reintroduce this eminent detail in all of our current batches across all styles, with the exception of Women Skinny. Beyond its heritage and yet functional nature, we love how this minimal detail progress thru wears. The top corners of the back pocket will now fade more substantially and become a visual cue for those in the know.

We saved the very first piece of our hidden rivet prototype and mounted in the studio as a daily reminder, as Mies eloquently said: God is in the detail.

We are evangelists for subtle and sophisticated detailing. We believe in stepping out of the comfort zone and follow the heart & ideals.

More importantly, we believe there will be folks out there that also appreciate a pair of simple but extraordinarily-crafted denim.

We are wishfully positive that you will like this storied detail as much as we do.

Start wearing your own manifesto.