Doublewood | Boyfriend Jeans / 01 (raw)
 Continuous Fly
Continuous Fly
An onerous but extremely enticing detail. This one piece button fly detail was first developed by a fellow San Franciscan, David Neustadter around the turn of the 20th Century (circa. 1877). Although many have forgotten, we are intrigued by its subtle delicacy. This is an intricate detail that became a rare gem in today's denim world. We are excited to introduce our re-interpretation on this feature for denimheads that also share an meticulous obsession in details.
 Concealed Coin Pocket
Concealed Coin Pocket
A hidden & discrete pocket fit for many occasions. From coins to personal ID, this tiny holdall leaves room for the essentials. Inner top threaded in green, matching the batch's single-felled inseam color.
13.75oz Raw Selvedge Denim
Proprietarily rope-dyed in indigo for (5) reiterations. Made w/ top quality US-sourced pima cotton, re-spun for a minimum of 64 times. To ensure fabrics consistency and quality, we procure our denim fabrics directly thru the Japanese Mill (in this case, Kaihara of Fukuyama, JP). The fabrics was sanforized in light to mitigate the hassle in wash shrinkage (that is, if you ever decided to wash the jeans). The denim may appear to be a tad too stiff at first due to its unwashed state. Give it some time (& love), the jeans will break-in and fit snuggly. We promise the fade results will be rewarding!
Hidden Rivets
Many folks may not even be aware of the existence/ significance of this seemingly trivial detail. However, these four extra 15-ligne burr tacked inside behind the back pockets are there for some quintessential rationales. Utilitarian as extra reinforcements for the back pockets throughout rigorous wears. Unassumingly subdued at first; these hidden rivets, much like the wallet or phone placed inside the back pockets, will become increasingly pronounced in fades thru age. These are the substantial reasons behind this craft-intensive detail: each back pocket is laboriously hand-sewn for acute precisions.
An Edition of #165 Pairs
Like the rest of our denims, each pair of BF jeans is hand stamped and numbered. We love to experiment and implement new details as we grow. Each batch is distinctly identified by the respective inseam colors. This first batch of the BF jeans has a tonal green inseam color in single felled construction. The quantity of tree ring graphics on the inner pocket also represents its batch number. In short, we simply love these alluded visual cues.
10oz. Unprimed Canvas Tote
Perceived as an initial packaging, the tote bag is also intented for long term sustainable use: particular for the never-ever-wash-your-raw-denim cult. Much like the canvas dustbag for our men jeans, the washable tote purposed as a travel/ storage haven for that grimy pair of finely worn/aged jeans (without soiling the other clean clothing). Or, it can be simple used as a regular tote; no harsh judgement there.
Exclusive debut at
Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA
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